Sheldon Museum of Art’s online collection database is designed to help you find information in a number of ways. All features can be accessed through the menu list found on each page.


Search Tips

Getting too many results or not as many as you expected? Use the Help on Search page for detailed information on how to narrow or broaden your search.

Search Help

Searching allows you to access records in the database on your own instead of browsing selected highlights from the collection. You may search Sheldon’s online collection in three different ways:

  1. Full Text Search

    The Full Text Search option is available on the Collection home page and the Search the Collection page. A full text search allows you to enter simple search terms or phrases; Boolean searching is supported (connecting search terms with and or or).

    Examples: The text 'flower' is entered into the Full Text Search field The text 'Room in New York' is entered into the Full Text Search field The text 'women and children' is entered into the Full Text Search field The text 'sketch or study' is entered into the Full Text Search field

  2. Search the Collection

    Use Search the Collection to search by Artist, Title, Media, Creation Date, Object Type, or Credit Line. Specific Field Search enables you to search one or multiple fields.

    Examples: The Creation Date fields allow users to enter dates in a range. In this example, a user searches for artwork made between 1950 and 1970 by entering the text '1950' into the From field and the the text '1970' into the To field.

    The text 'Hopper' is entered into the Artist field. The text 'Room in New York' is entered into the Title field.

  3. Artists in the Collection

    The Artists Search box allows you to type in the name of a specific artist. Not sure how to spell an artist’s name? As you begin to type the artist’s last name in the search box, a pop-up list will appear to direct you to the artist you may be searching for.

    Examples: The text 'Pollock' is entered into the Artists Search field

    Click on a letter of the alphabet at the top of the page to jump to a specific artist’s last name.

My Portfolio

The My Portfolio feature allows you to create a folder of selected works of art from your searches during a single viewing session. At present, My Portfolio will not save your selections for future study; we recommend you print them if you wish to revisit the group of artworks you have selected.

To build your portfolio, simply click or tap on Add to My Portfolio while viewing an object record. Then, to view all your selections, go to My Portfolio.

You may add and remove objects at any time during your viewing session. The following message will appear when your portfolio is empty: “No records found. Use My Portfolio to generate exhibition lists or create individual portfolios for specific artists, research, or favorite artworks.”


As an accredited institution, Sheldon Museum of Art is prohibited from offering valuations, appraisals, or authentications of artworks. The following organizations provide directories of their members who offer appraisal services:

Contact Information

If you have questions, comments, or information on our collection, please contact Stacey Walsh, Registrar,

For questions about images or to request publication-quality photography of an object, please contact Genevieve Ellerbee, Associate Registrar,

Sheldon Museum of Art makes no representation that it is the owner of any copyright in the works of art in its collection. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain necessary permissions and pay required fees for the use of copyrighted material. Users are held fully responsible for any infringement of copyright.